This is a reference placeholder for future use, and hopefully it helps me to not have to repeat myself so much in other stories.

Human: An ape-like mammal (Primate) that builds a model of the universe in its overgrown nervous system and upon physical maturity, moves a model of itself…

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Maybe my best of this year was this comment on morality in response to a question by Juni: “How is it reasonable for God and evil to both exist at the same time?”

The assertion that everything must have an opposite to exist is false. Things exist. Some are opposites…

Therein lies the rub of your conundrum. It isn't the "programming" per se: it's the advertising between (the actual financial 'product' that news programs are arranged around). From birth to death, the morality of western market societies is determined by corporations. "A corporation is a pile of money to which…

15 definitions you don’t want to know about Life; and ….cats.

NinjaCat is on the loose.

Socialism: You have a forest full of cats and you stand in the middle with a siren to try and chase them into a bank 4 miles away that has dogs guarding it. Capitalism could be the dogs or…


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