This is a reference placeholder for future use, and hopefully it helps me to not have to repeat myself so much in other stories.

Human: An ape-like mammal (Primate) that builds a model of the universe in its overgrown nervous system and upon physical maturity, moves a model of itself…

Systems create evil actions by preventing skepticism.

We are all stuck in the System molasses of the past and present, dreaming of the future, but unable to imagine what our future self will want.

“It’s been difficult to see humans as anything other than selfish, greedy, environmentally destructive parasites. There’s…

Therein lies the rub of your conundrum. It isn't the "programming" per se: it's the advertising between (the actual financial 'product' that news programs are arranged around). From birth to death, the morality of western market societies is determined by corporations. "A corporation is a pile of money to which…

One of the important bits is knowing what the gods are that people are praying to.







Civilization itself (city-based society) is a cheat. I've said this a lot, but it bears repeating. Civilization is a process of isolating human animals from the risks and…

The powerful know Truth. Speaking to them about it is a waste of breath.

Photo by Jorge Maya on Unsplash

Jessica Wildfire nailed a great big rough oak plank up for everyone to read.

“The rich have a plan, but it doesn’t include you.”

I’ll start with an apology because I posted three comments on one story. I try not to do that. …

Our agencies prevent us from having agency.

Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

“Once immersed in a coercive system, we act without conscious control.” Douglas Rushkoff “Coercion: Why we do what They say.”

I happened across an important and excellent story this morning by Elle C. that everyone should read. Perhaps it’s just me and my…

15 definitions you don’t want to know about Life; and ….cats.

NinjaCat is on the loose.

Socialism: You have a forest full of cats and you stand in the middle with a siren to try and chase them into a bank 4 miles away that has dogs guarding it. Capitalism could be the dogs or…

No. Really. Not sarcasm.

Authority is not wisdom. It’s just authority.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Wayyyyyyyyyyy too fucking much for my own good. Welcome to the Spectrum, assholes.

I feel every fucking molecule that’s out of place in my universe. I see every thing that is misaligned, every musical note that’s clipped or out of harmony…

What’s bugging your playground? Picture by me.

Bullying isn’t leadership, but humans have evolved to not know the difference.

Our institutions make excuses for the bullies because bullies collect everyone’s lunch money and toys.

The girls pretend to be dumb in order to get the biggest, dumbest bullies to support their children.

These days, everything is mixed…

Elaine Casap on Unsplash

God isn’t Love: God is a powerful imaginary being. Love is a real superpower.

Love; The direct kind of reaching out to people with your ability to do something useful for them or with them. All of them. The ones you want to fuck and the ones you have been…


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