A balanced essay. Unfortunately, ordinary people have little to do with his work, and whether he despises or loves them makes no difference to the work he does. Few people have the capability to understand and evaluate what he’s done, and yet, we are supposed to believe “peer review” by barely unordinary people is the most important thing to ‘balance’ his unbalanced ego.

I think he just has to do his work and burn himself out or succeed. Sometimes you just have to do everyone’s job because they are simply too stubborn or too lazy to help, not to mention incompetent.

With all of that said, he sounds like a Newton or a Newman: a selfish little prick sniffing mercury trying to make gold out of ordinary household chemicals and horse-piss, with more money than sense supported by Royalty (America’s royalty comes from little green pieces of paper).

I think I like him. Ordinary people’s biggest fault is they are boring as hell.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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