A great piece on inspiration and cooperation. As to the detracting comments about the money spent on technology, I can only point to the failure of our philosophers and religions, who have coerced many more people to spend much more in resources (including the nationalists who have blind faith in manifest destiny via wars) to accomplish only waste and competitive egoism in the name of imaginary beings. Real science is done in the actual universe, while 7 billion people are coerced to believe that their personal consumerism universe is all that matters. Is it any wonder that the Invisible Hand Job hasn’t satisfied anyone but those who sell fear and ignorance? Are we really out of the dark ages if our societies still spread contempt of science and intelligence, even if everyone has a ”smart” phone, most are unable to understand the technology of its simplest functions. Science is married to our existence, but the vast majority have nothing but contempt for those who provide it. Throw in the sexism, racism and religious blind meanness of our culture, and that shuttle is an even more amazing “miracle”.

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