A quick explanation of the electoral problem in America

For several generations, we have been worshipping the urban “shining city” education theme. Children around the country are tested, trained and extracted from the heart of the country according to their test scores and performance in the civilized(city-based) arenas. This process has left the rural towns, farms and especially local government struggling with the complicated world of progress. Farm decisions are made by banks, towns are built for developers, and roads are built to bypass century-old business districts. The urban population gets more and more schooling, social discourse, and resources while the country gets insulted and raped by corporations and investors (typically not country folk).

There are so many people shocked and surprised at the electoral system whose parents and grandparents left the farm for greener monetary pastures, yet none want to accept that by leaving home and taking that scholarship or job on the coasts, they and the meritocracy myth divided the republic as well as any secessionists.

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