A very anthropocentric analysis. I submit that you are right in your conclusion “Government that governs best is the one that governs well”, but that you leave out the sustainability analysis over the long term (millennia) of the resources required by our species and all species that we are dependent upon. Civilization itself is an evolutionary trap, so without good government moderating both people and civilization as the anti-nature destroyers they are, then your analysis is quite limited in scope. Government needs to be the key that opens our evolutionary hubristic trap before we commit ecological or political (war/robots/collapse) suicide. Otherwise, we are collectively not consciously intentional animals: just competitive, cannibalistic predators. Nature bats last, and from the outside of human endeavors, it doesn’t look like it will matter how much government is being applied to consume and waste the resources that our offspring will require: including our own resources of creativity and stability being employed for the sake of little green pieces of paper by an Invisible Hand holding a ‘jobs’ gun to our heads.

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