All decisions in a market-based society are made at the checkouts. If the prices at the checkouts don't reflect the actual costs and responsibilities of the population, then the population is going to be driven toward "always low prices" and cheap food makes for cheap, stupid consumers.

If you want the paradigm to change, then the actual decision point (checkouts) must allow people to make a choice to not buy the things that are costly to their future selves. They won't make those choices if the tax codes drive people to go into debt for things they don't need but demand the things they do need will be provided by destructive "economical" means (factory farms and massive processing corporations).

I agree with all of the things you want to do. I'm just saying that some massive bureaucratic system of hypercomplex rules isn't necessary. Just give people enough resources (UBI) to grow their own gardens and rebuild local economics, and jack the price of everything they don't need high enough to direct the flow of resources (human labor especially) toward their places rather than away from them.

The current tax code is already a massive rule-spawning system that corrupts everything it touches and directs human endeavors to extract resources, increase debts (promises that future selves will destroy 5 planets to pay back the current loans to government and private creditors), and it teaches people to avoid useful work in favor of financial trickery.

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