All power in the capitalist system derives from the purchase point. The opposite of capitalism is not socialism and societal education; it is sales tax. The entropic forces of capitalism begin where the money is created(labor) and spent (the cash register). All value/price is derived from the consumer’s perception of price and potential to create more money. In order to work as the anti-entropy (“Life as anti-entropy”-Schroedinger), all costs of the civilized (city-based) systems must be visible at the purchase point, so that the consumer makes an informed choice between consumptionism (colonialism) and localization (self-sufficiency).

One dollar = one vote, and that dollar always votes for the other dollars. The crux is the transformation point from usefulness (labor, creativity, reward, life) to dollarization (capitalized ownership, pricing). Dollarization separates the living from actual value and replaces it with price. Capitalism accelerates the replacement of value with price in order to extract value without paying for it (profit, interest, debt/future resources).

Debt is an obligation to use resources in the future to pay today’s price, with the cost of resource price inflation/destruction externalized to the future even as the banker collects interest profits that accelerate that inflation and destruction.

The Net Future Usefulness quotient always trends negative when civilization begins and human interests are isolated from nature’s interests (basic physical needs and responsibilities to one’s own place).

“A corporation is a pile of money to which a group of persons has sworn moral allegiance.” -Wendell Berry

The stock market is the collective capitalist society’s casino for betting on the competitive moral terpitude of those groups.

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