America votes at the cash registers. Those votes are carried in briefcases and body bags to our representatives and their campaign managers. If you want Change, keep it in your pocket. Go to and help pass it, and get your Democrat friends to understand that sales tax is a lot less regressive than a dead planet. Negotiate the rate and prebate so we have enough for health care and minimum income so people can grow their own food and not work for slave wages and corporatized medicine. All politics are determined at the cash registers where cheap junk and cheap food is killing everyone and our grandchildren’s planet (it’s not ours).

Guilt, emotion and talk won’t do what honest feedback of costs can do for us. If humanity doesn’t learn to put more into the world than they take out at “always low prices” and “job creation”, it will go extinct. It can’t learn what is kept hidden (externalized costs) or taken before they know they have it (income taxes).

The rich get richer and more powerful because we buy their stuff at imaginary prices and work for them at imaginary wages. Politicians love to play with those imaginary numbers because they’re all old white men who will be dead before our cities are under water.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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