Americans are domesticated by money, corn and cars. Everything is decided at the checkouts. One dollar=one vote. Those votes are usually voting for the other dollars.

The money only always votes for other money or more money, not the future or people who may live in the future. People of the future don’t vote. Money does. Aristocracy’s power over democracy (the value of a human being to decide their own fate) was the core of our Civil War. People who were brainwashed to fight for their ‘country’ died by the tens of thousands to defend the right to be ruled by aristocrats (‘job creators’), and millions came from Europe to fight for democracy after they lost their own countries’ battles for it.

Meanwhile, academics play cards and settle for a little face time on the media so they can present themselves as important to their own excuses for the Empire.

You are right. The Economy is not the country, but it leads and bleeds all over the papers.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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