An interesting brainstorming of reality as humans want to make it.

Far too much time is spent on subjective and consensus discussions of anthropocentric reality without questioning the usefulness of the human animal to its own resources and the future of its environment. Consciousness is a bug, not a feature. Once we realize how true this is, then the reality of the condensate (quantum collapse into sensible physicality) can be studied or left in its closet as we choose, without bogus comparisons to our extremely limited ability to grok what happens in the universe outside our brains' models (based on our limited sensory bandwidth and emotional lizard brain).

Human: a primate that builds a model of its universe in its brain, and upon physical maturity, moves a model of itself inside that model, avoiding reality at all costs.

Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

Religion: the marketing department for a tribal meeting to plan the week's useful work.

God: Aristocratic model of authority used to suppress dissent.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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