An interesting discovery at basic nano levels. I see two directions of research to investigate further. The first is the offhand mentioned “dopamine neurons” and the research that can be followed up based on concussion syndrome vs. speed and density of thought activity. Even if the quantum dot relation isn’t necessarily found to be anything other than an artifact of chemical reactions, the finding of new structures in dopamine neurons should be investigated immediately, considering the numbers of dopamine-producing areas injured by car accidents, sports and war in contemporary culture.

Secondly, as new computing power is applied to MRI type scanning systems, the data crunching to define better and better electron resolution and understanding (does the electron really exist as a ‘particle’, or is it an interference standing wave artifact of the EM field?). Sooner or later, consciousness will be defined as another process (self-reinforcing pattern storage with random selection) born of evolution’s ability to fill any available niche with anti-entropic usefulness (human “intentionality” being questionable at this point). Higher resolution of scanning technologies will eventually negate the concept of private thought, but in the meantime, can we at least continue to work to form better systems of scientific analysis that diagnose and treat the brain, without a lot of woo woo crap (see below)?

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