And that is where she lost sight of reality. Nobody needs health insurance. We need good health. The ACA was always a Gingrichcare compromise in favor of the corporations making profits from people's misery. Now is the time to say, "If socialized health care is good enough for the troops, it's damned well good enough for everyone. If Trump (a tax-evading, corporate welfare recipient) can go to Walter Reed, why can't everyone use the military system?" It's time to stop the lies and ignorance that we have accepted as "competition yields better care". It doesn't. It only yields high stock prices, massive overhead and millions of jobs shoveling paperwork around in expensive offices on landscaped, tax-deductible fields of suburban death.

It's time to get rid of health insurance and drug company graft, and to rid ourselves of the income tax code that pretends it's all legitimate 'expenses'.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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