Anthropocentric hubris: People fanatically competing over competitive fanaticisms.
Everyone has so many brands, there’s hardly room to fit the competing tattoos.

“Fan" is short for “fanatic": never a good thing.

Civilization (city-based society) isolates people from the resources they should be supporting. So-called ”advanced" civilization isolates people from each other with specialization and artificial differentiation (race, gender, class and other brands).

Capitalism amplifies psychopathy for profit: humans have habitualized ourselves to imaginary authority, uselessness and competitive moral turpitude (public stock corporations). We are in a war against Nature, our nature (cooperative tribes) and future people (debt is theft against our future selves, marketing is theft of time and attention).

Capital flow from the land toward authority (pyramid economics) is not reduced much by socialism because it is a different realm of function.

The opposite of capitalism is sales tax.

Socialism is the opposite of bullying.

Humans vote for bullies, not leaders or socialists. Some bullies are social capitalists, and some are psychopathic capitalists, but civilization is capitalized to bully Nature to bow to our dollarized will.

Domesticated humans, like domesticated zebras, are insane (suicidal) because they are not fitted to their actual environment and their future resources.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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