Artificial light, artificial schedules, artificial people…of course it’s stressful. Shine some more illumination on it and call it “progress”.

Just as some animals adapt better to domestication (probably because of genes for low stress response and factory-style schedules), so goes the human being. Some are born to be conformist beings (settlers): forming societies, tribes and cooperative systems. Others are born to find (hunt) new lands, foods and hidden treasures (in the dark of night or beyond the familiar). Sometimes, the explorers and warriors get tired of fighting and build city walls so they can rest, but then their children are born into civility and conformity, and even as society forgets what it took to build or maintain civilization, those children grow restless and apprehensive of settled life.

Nature doesn’t like monoculture, neither should people. Yet, here we are in Homogenization, with individuals trying to prove how ‘unique’ they are: just like everyone else.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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