As a technician, I have a habit of looking at the failure modes of things. Hillary’s win mode is a lot like her failure mode: a moderated(to some degree) decline of the paternalistic, winner-take-all Empire.

Bernie’s failure mode (Congressional roadblocks and violent right wing coup) is fascism and a return to the 19th century South. Trump’s failure (unfettered capitalism’s rapacity leaving millions destitute) will be a totalitarian socialism that makes people pine for Stalin.

Either of the latter two winning are not likely to accomplish much actual change unless they fail spectacularly, and the modern media loves a Spectacle.

All that said, I am historically in the ABH camp, but no matter how bad things get, I reserve the right to not be who I was.

Most of the candidates are sold on the premise of success and blind beliefs in perpetual growth on a finite planet. Hillary Clinton has seen how finite it is, I think, and perhaps has enough dirt on the right wing to make them actually work.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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