Back in the Great Recession of 2007/8, I said that we will know collapse when airplanes start falling out of the sky. That was based on my knowledge of the amount of resources and wealth that it takes to keep them flying all the time everywhere. Though that theory was sort of exaggerated, there is essentially no difference if the airplanes are simply parked on the ground, as so many are now. We can blame Covid for some of it, but the truth is that the pandemic is only amplifying what the truth already is: most of America's 'greatness' is based on people doing stuff that they don't need to do with money they don't really have (debt). It isn't just an American collapse, either. Civilization is in a war to the death with reality and intentionality. Nature's armies are losing.

The core problem is that we think we are somehow a separate country from Nature, when we are in fact, only supposed to be one of its scouting forces.

Humanity went off on a patrol (into civilization) and forgot who we were, so are now engaged in a fight against our own troops (animals, plants, climate, water).

Most people don't even know about the war. They continue to party and drink and order up supplies without regard to the logistics of it all.

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