Back to bullies again here. By bullies, I mean the use of definite physical attributes or threat of harm to force someone to behave in a manner that they would not choose to in civilized society. Is the unfairness based on intimidating circumstances against a person of color? Of course. Do we desire more intimidating circumstances for whites to right the fairness balance, or can it be dealt with through education and cultural habit changes?

I always have to ask “what is for sale here?” Black confidence, white privilege, fear, hero worship,..? All of the above?

The anger is obviously justified, but who to direct the energy toward? In the Oligarchy of Western civilization, the value of a person is set by monetary influence somewhere in the system. Forgiveness comes a lot easier to a monetary authority when perpetrators represent a moneyed consumer demographic. That the flow of resource value spends less and less time in the hands of laborers says a lot about what our country values or even considers about morality.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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