Bravo. A real cleansing of your own world. Two things I’ve been pondering lately, partly thanks to Umair Haque’s post on the Left’s failings, are the concept that humans shouldn’t accept the Western marketing system’s portrayal and grooming of us as a pestilence on the world, and we need to proactively consider what we celebrate. There’s an old saying that you can tell a lot about a culture/country by how they treat the weakest among them. I think you can tell as much by what the people in a country nurture and celebrate. The media tends to celebrate the worst of our competitive animal activities and failures, whereas people involved in local culture seem to celebrate the best of our shared and cooperative intentions. American media not only celebrates our worst: it gets tax deductions and profits for doing so, and our politicians protect these worst natures as “freedom”, rather than the civilized cultures and structures that make freedoms possible.

We have to love the best of ourselves, not sell the worst.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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