But we do have an alternative. It just takes a certain sense of the bigger picture.

Draft all medical personnel into the military system, and keep adding and training medics until the people are healthy. Everyone supports the Grand Army of The Republic, and if socialized medicine is good enough for the troops, it’s good enough for everyone else.

I was just perusing the jobs on the VA website. It’s obvious that they don’t pay enough to get the good help they need, so that department is not a useful comparison. It’s like broken electronics on eBay; sure you’re getting a bargain, but only if you fix it yourself.

It isn’t the people who need to be forced into a managed system: it’s the doctors and the billionaires who are buying them, as well as the medical education system (see Cuba’s method taken out of desperate times).

Nobody needs ’insurance’: we need good health. That doesn’t come from more tech or higher prices or actuarial tables designed to profit from bureaucracy. It comes from usefully active people eating healthy foods.

The FDA, NEA and USDA need to be merged and evaluated yearly based on public health conditions, not cash flows to candidates.

The income tax code needs to be gone (because corruption and lobbyists) and replaced entirely with sales tax-based anti-consumerism and a UBI.

We need freedom from paperwork above everything else, and informed choice where every vote is actually cast: at the checkouts.

Everyone failed their future this year.

Trump got half the votes because people have no clue about our Empire, and Biden got the other half because people are being killed by it.

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