Caring isn’t the problem. Consuming is. Governments and corporations count votes at the cash registers and people make choices based on cheapness. Humans in general do not think about their actions. We are habitual creatures that are now addicted to convenience. If you want to see real change, try sales taxes. People need to know how much the real costs are; at the decision point. Emotions and activism only go so far. The real problem is at the checkouts. That’s where the money is collected that goes to pay for destroying the planet. If is seems cheaper to destroy the planet than to save it, then we will destroy the planet. It’s all just lizard-brain stuff. People don’t take a different path because they learned about something. They take a different path when there’s a hill or a bear in the way. To get people to do the ‘right’ thing, you have to either make the right thing easier or the wrong things harder.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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