Civilized Destruction Has ‘Reasons’

4 min readMay 2, 2023

The media refuses to discuss real needs.

Photo by author. Rights reserved.

My biggest concern in the climate/fossil fuel debates is that the things we are burning fossil fuels, wasting electricity and manufacturing resources on are mostly unnecessary (most things invented after the Lever; anything that wouldn’t sell without advertising).

Someone said, “We can’t start leaving fossil fuels in the ground or serious human needs cannot be met.

This is the myth that the Profiteers have convinced us of, but it is total bullshit.

Only 1% of the people in this country grow ALL of the food.

We don’t need airlines. At all. A few military planes can handle absolute high speed travel needs.

We don’t need single family homes, and the ones we have can be built to use 1/10th as much energy as they do now, but we don’t build houses to be useful, efficient or to put people where they are useful to a place: we build houses to SELL them as fast and in as much volume as possible, turning productive soil into lawns and concrete driveways.

We don’t need plastics. At all. Most of the crap made from plastic isn’t needed, and the things that are needed can be made from wood, bone or metal. With billions of people being rendered useless by AI and robots, they might as well start learning…




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