Do you know that they cannot? This is a debate that goes back to the Enlightenment. Sensationalists argued that they can. Blind people were hired to lead others around the city of Paris because they were believed to have a better picture in their head of the layout of the streets and smells and sounds of the city. Even today, we experiment educationally with children; teaching them to spend time blindfolded in order to learn to find their way out of buildings without sight. Visual images are mostly not from the eyes. They are constructs of bits of senses and memory that we ‘see’ in our mind. We do not precisely see the world as it is. Eyes are limited in bandwidth and the brain is limited in processing power. Vision overwhelms consciousness to a great degree, just as some 98% of the electricity used on the internet is sucked up by digital image transmission (static and video: probably more now that everyone is binge-watching Netflix).

My point being that just because someone doesn’t have eyesight doesn’t mean they don’t have images and models of things that are probably close to what people with eyesight have. People with eyesight just add more visual details.

I’m guessing as much as anyone. I am not at all sure I’m right. This is just the explanation I have modeled for myself. You can take it or leave it. I hope you find one of your own that conforms to reality better than most people’s do.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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