Do you know why common folk hate science? Because scientists use credentials, expensive educations and access to expensive tax-funded technology to make it a point to prove how stupid common people are and how smart scientists and intellectuals are.

Meanwhile, the government falls apart and the poor get poorer because science can’t figure out how to fix the most basic problem: Humans may be dumber than dirt, but we don’t like being told that.

Scientists developed every technology in your article, but couldn’t stop society from putting it in the hands of children. Who is really wearing the tinfoil hat, oh exalted Piled Higher and Deeper one?

Set your ass on a heaving deck dragging tiedown chains and black boxes around in the crappy Atlantic for six months of green eggs and purple ham; see if you don’t start seeing aliens (if you don’t get shivved in a shower for being an atheist or a Democrat).

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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