Do you mean like believing that capitalism is at fault for consumptionism? People have been conditioned to BUY the things they want, rather than to MAKE the things they need. Capitalism or socialism, they are still trying to buy their way out of a debt to nature and avoid labor. The opposite of capitalism isn’t “attitude”: it’s sales taxes that show people what the true cost of a purchase is. Without that, people will pursue the ends of the earth as long as it’s cheap. Capitalists get rich because everyone buys their stuff and works for them to buy more stuff. They take advantage of the ignorance of the consumer at the point of purchase. All of the moral posturing in the world won’t help people make better decisions if they think it’s cheaper and easier to destroy the world than to nurture it. Communists and Socialists suffer from the same philosophy as Capitalists: that if you provide cheap goods to people, they will do your bidding. It’s the “cheap” that kills us, not the intention.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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