'Elevated' humanity separated itself from the risks and responsibilities to world resources when they built city walls (laboring humans were considered part of the dirt to be exploited). What we know as "humanity" is a paradigm of theft for the sake of the humans on top of the pyramids of dead bodies.

To somehow make the pyramid scheme 'fair' to all humans still doesn't make it fair to the planet itself (resources of future humans), which has earned our respect but we never give it or pay it.

Humanity has not earned a free ride from robots yet, and it never will. The payment to Nature's future is necessary for humans to actually develop a useful mindfulness.

Incorporating that payment in ways that teach people to find a challenge and grow better for it is beyond the modern social mindset because our anthropocentrism is just so gosh golly darned selfish and unbelievably ignorant.

If we develop robots to actually do what we should be doing (care for the physical resources and increase their robustness), then humans actually would be redundant and unnecessary.

Where would the Empire be if it didn't have people to fight over it and for it.