Embrace the suck. Democrats, if recent history prevails, will be losing their majority again in 2 years. In that light, there should be no hesitation to killing the stock market right now, then implementing a new system that embraces Deep Ecology and localization of useful, raw material economics.

IE: call the bluff of Republicans who support the FairTax (HR whatever), negotiate the rate and prebate to provide UBI and healthcare (make it a military branch), and let the ships fall where they may (eliminate the IRS, the health insurance industry, the corruption of the tax code, and make April 15th just another day while opening up opportunities for people to start new businesses without having to hire an accountant, work productively without a tax penalty for overtime, and be informed of the actual one dollar= one vote cost of consumptionism).

Price is everything in capitalism. Externalized costs and constant corruption through tax favors is what holds up the lighter-than-air economic model. The masses have no idea how artificial their money is (re: Bitcoin) and the elites can't care about it.

The system is going to die anyway, so let's be purposeful and kill it sooner rather than later and save some resources in the process.

The 'reasonable' next liberal step is for UBI, anyway; but UBI without a sales tax base will be hyperinflation, and a sales tax (informed consumers) without UBI would be murder on the poor.

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