Exactly backward thinking. The world isn’t here to entertain humans with comfort and wealth: we are here to maintain the places we need in order to survive over the long term. The problem isn’t the deficits or the taxes: it’s the anthropocentric consumptionism. Debt is theft from our future selves and our children. It’s promises to burn resources in the future to pay back debts. If you are going to say those promises are meaningless, then what does that say about the value of people at all? Why not replace consumers with robots as well as factory workers and just eliminate the middlemen? Heck, why not just build competitive robots to destroy the Earth faster and get it over with? That’s what we are teaching people to be.

The point to taxes should be to moderate human behavior overall. The opposite of unfettered capitalism is not socialism: it’s sales taxes. The government demands money because people demand services. They demand those services through their purchase choices (demands for resources and stability/standards/security). The cost of resources and services should all be visible at the decision point so that people make better choices for themselves and for their grandchildren. Pay a UBI/prebate to even things up. People don’t need jobs: they need food, shelter, healthcare and education for their children. They don’t need health insurance: they need good health.

In America, if someone needs a hole in a board, we sell them a $100 cordless drill with a two hour show about how rich people drink beer and drive new trucks while building useless decks, and then change the cordless battery standards a year later. If that drill cost $200, they might be motivated to go talk to the neighbor who has a hand drill instead.

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