Farm crisis. 1974-

You missed that one, and it shows partly what you missed in all of it: the decay of human labor’s usefulness (actual value) to its place. This decay became total with the ‘all-in’ belief in Globalism and fanatical competicism. It’s a generationally developed suicide started with consumerism and amplified by easy debts and the blind belief in aristocracy. Boomers may have rebelled to get their dope, but they did so believing that someone, somewhere would DO something about problems because they were conditioned to be powerless consumers. They gave up and bought muscle cars. When the oil crisis hit, they bought foreign cars. Lee Iacocca reanimated the “too big to fail” meme and Reagan reanimated the military-industrial welfare state. After that, there has been nothing but ‘job creation’ and debts (promises to steal resources from the future for pleasure now).

It’s just debts, promises and smoke and mirrors all the way down to the turtle (or pangolin, as the case may be).

Today’s generations will turn to AI aristocracy and it will tell them that humans are confused because they have no purpose except to be tiger food.

None will choose to turn off the marketers’ noise on purpose because it’s all in the marketing, and it’s ALL marketing.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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