First off, I would be “relieved”. Unfortunately, if you are wrong, I will be dead, so it won’t matter. You win. Yay for you. As for the candidates: they run on what the money tells them to run. Conservative candidates HAVE to run on the “jobs”, “economy”, “abortion is murder” platform. Both sides run on the Aristocrat platform: Feed the rich so we can tax them or kiss their ass (while Academia makes excuses for the Empire and our kids join the harems).

Sometimes, a human brain is actually better than the scientific models. But that’s only one brain, and nobody listens to it unless it has a lot of money. Here’s one data point that doesn’t get discussed much: there are parts of the arctic permafrost that haven’t melted in 200,000 years. Now, they are melted. Your arguments about instrumentation and cherry picking doesn’t change that. Their arguments about CO2 levels may or may not apply. In the meantime, humanity is just showing up to steal stuff, so yes, we should focus on the environment and the purpose of humans to the planet. If you think arguing about climate change was rough, try the basic morality of a fanatically competitive market. Let’s title it, “Gods, Toadies, and the Marketers Who Profit From Ignorance.”

It will be a best seller to the guy with the private helicopter flying to the last hospital over the Revival tents in the Roundup fields full of prairie dogs, plague and herbicide-resistant Canada thistle. (Oh, wait, that’s just Colorado).

Go ahead and crunch; we’ll make more.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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