Focus on the support structure (local food processing) and crop quotas, get rid of the income tax code, onerous health codes that prevent people from value-adding to food, and put sales taxes in place to eliminate the IRS and a lot more people will have small farms and businesses. Try “funding” big government bureaucrats and you’ll just have more big business lobbyists paying for big tax breaks and big social programs under big contracts.

This is a big problem, but it needs small solutions at the point of production. The one big solution might be for a land buyback program and reselling to small families, including subsidized training/apprenticeships (to help with labor costs on working farms) that go toward farm jobs and sustainable land use (including solar installations, electric machinery and housing).

Meanwhile, we have to consider what the people in cities are really doing that contributes to farms and ecological remediation plans. Lots of labor sitting around playing video games and selling stuff that nobody needs.

Don’t base your plans on perpetual growth of people continuing to buy junk and trucks at continuously inflating prices. The farms should be the focus of the whole economic model, not just another spreadsheet/campaign item to tick off the list.

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