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  • John Werth

    John Werth

    Musician and conductor, repairer of woodwinds, owner of dogs, band director, lapsed mathematician, and scribbler of thoughts on humor, politics or both at once.

  • Dr. Linda Dahl

    Dr. Linda Dahl

    Physician. Author of Tooth and Nail:The Making of a Female Fight Doctor & Better Breastfeeding, http://www.drlindadahl.com @doctorlindadahl

  • Mona Lazar

    Mona Lazar

    🎈Ecstatic writer | abstract painter | explorer of everyday magic | seeker of light in the shadow | mystical feminine running free🎈monalazar.com🎈

  • E.Eggert(m2c4)


    Thoughtful discussions on politics and economics with some sidelights in photography and astronomy.

  • 🌬Mitch


    Just the guy next door. Glad to meet you. Pull up a chair, let’s chat. I do stir the pot sometimes; it’s all good.

  • Collapse Foundation

    Collapse Foundation

    Foundation of Nothing

  • Tom Canham

    Tom Canham

    Just a guy with some thoughts.

  • Mary McCarthy

    Mary McCarthy

    Learning new ways in a new country. Escaped dystopia. Enjoy paying careful attention. Writes on environment, politics, and people. Non-fiction and fiction

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