'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to sell fish and the oceans will boil with propellers.'

The Military Industrial Complex is just a branch of the Consumer Industrial Complex that is driven at the cash register decision points. Sure, the income tax code makes it easy and tax deductible to brainwash the public, sell beer and trucks with war news product, and to buy a 'liberal' politician with a 'bipartisan' income tax credit or subsidy that exploits the poor or the farm communities for the sake of the food processing companies and ethanol industry. Income taxes externalize the costs of war to the rich up to a point, but mostly the tax-deductible interest payments push more costs off to the grandchildren's planet with promises to burn resources in the future.

Always Low Prices, free debt services and unrelenting marketing drive demand for world resource extraction. It's hard to say what drives the war machines faster; the news product death porn or competing consumer fanaticisms driven by fanatical competicism.

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