Go back to your article about humans facing the 21st century.

What’s the commonality of the real problem? What does humanity really need to be? What does the planet need us to be? How does American democracy actually operate?

I submit that the planet needs humans to be useful to it, not consumptive.

Trump is an icon of a habitualised mercantilist society that consumes brands, not a useful group working toward a future for their grandchildren. One dollar=one vote. People are voting for more consumption and the dollars. We are also ignorant of the consequences at the point of sale. Real costs of consumerism are externalized and both parties work very hard to keep it that way. That’s why the national debt is now so big and so ignored. That’s why we argue about insurance instead of health. The discussions are framed to avoid reality because, as you write at great length, we are simply riding a runaway train of suicidal political and planetary destruction to a solid wall.

There is a sliver of hope (if that’s your thing) in the shape of a tunnel in the wall. It is a tunnel to another Earth; one that is very unlike anything we have seen. Getting throught the tunnel will be difficult, and few will survive, if any. They will only have the knowledge passed through generations of songs and horror stories and a lot of ruins, probably with a high level of radiation. The planet will be hot, but perpetually cooling.

Now, what will we all be doing to adapt rather than argue and fight each other? Does being 'right' add anything to your useful work once you know the situation?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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