Good work. The reason people buy and use so much plastic and nonrecyclable items is because they are cheap. All of the costs to manage them should be at the decision point (the purchase price). The more we complicate it with income tax codes, breaks for corporate startups, fees for landfills, etc., the harder it gets to understand how people are still buying this junk. The bottom line should be: If I can’t burn it, eat it or bury it, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell it without a guarantee that they will take it back (“they” being the producer). There’s a lot that can be done with standardization, eliminating patents on obvious things (battery geometries, interfaces, cap styles and materials, reduced regulations on local food systems, longevity of auto designs, longevity of roads and construction for repair/rebuild instead of demolition, etc.). The biggest impact, I think, would be for all taxes to be sales taxes. The current income tax code encourages debt and wasteful spending (mortgages, advertising, redundancy and political graft) while discouraging useful work in one’s own place for one’s own use. : raise the rate and the prebate until the water is clean and people all have gardens again.

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