Good work, but two points:

  1. It could be shorter. A lot of the points and quotes could be edited a bit more.
  2. What “it” ends up being is important. Therein lies a lot of the deceptions and hiding that cause the fear in the first place. Far too many people have figured out that their “it” is very profitable when it exploits and extracts resources from other people and from future people. I submit that “Just Do It” should be “Just Be Useful To Your Future.” When we find ourselves being useful to our own future needs (providing a meal, growing something, helping someone with a problem, etc), then stress levels drop. Just as you mention the psychobabble self-help industry, there is a contemporary fetish for undeserved self confidence in areas of work that are useless to one’s own future. Products that nobody needs, education that only serves corporations, and belief in unsubstantiated economic systems (The Invisible Hand Job) all contribute to confusion and detachment from living needs. When people learn to be grounded in their work that’s useful to themselves’ and others’ future resources, their concept of confidence and worth becomes less volatile and the world becomes less intimidating, even as it is blown up in complexity by the Three Moneteers (Banks, Salesmen and Politicians).

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