Good work on the face of it. Unfortunately, a man trying to do the same thing gets punched in the face (or a woman if she’s partnered to a racist), so ‘check your gender privilege’ in these situations, and use it well.

We have to work on the bullying problem (competitive bullying endorsed by profiteering media) as well as racism, or there will always be another excuse to identify victims. That’s really what racism is: using someone’s race to identify them as a target; just like sexism does with gender. The underlying problem is the abuse of power, and that will take generations to teach out of children. It will be impossible as long as the competitive mindset is the modus operandi of a society. “A society based on competition only yields fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers.” — Wendell Berry

Competitive language, social norms and the use of identifiers (flags, team names, school names, economic levels, etc) are not considered when we talk about the racism problem, but the racism problem started out as “us vs. them.” As long as human beings believe the myths of race and competitive fanaticism, the fanatics will find ways to identify people to attack them. Leopold got his doctors to INVENT differences among people in the Congo in order to get them to kill each other. Corporations and news media have plenty of precedence for their profiteering on hatred.

Racism is just one form of targeting that they use to sell beer and cars on the news. If you want to stop the targeting, you have to stop the marketing.

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