Good work. Thanks. Schroedinger's take is one of my favorites.

The modern updates generally lean toward the "Anti-Fragility" that Taleb refers to, and which I've called "Net Future Usefulness".

From particles to species, the ratio between consumption of resources vs. being useful to a future self and future environment is probably what determines life's sustainability. The patterns and potential resources stored in proteins are supplemented by random mutations as well as 'junk' storage (fossil DNA) over the long term.

As we hoarders say, "I may not need it now, but someday...." or as DNA might say when it faces a changing environmental risk, "I just happen to have something like that."

In the meantime, being sensibly connected to our resources is necessary to supporting them for future needs.

Civilization allowed humans to isolate themselves too much from the immediate environment (usually through monetary proxy), leading to long term consequences that we just aren't naturally equipped to handle.

If we are going to claim consciousness/intentionality as a feature, not a bug, then we really should start using it (if we still have any left).

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