Great work. In addition to "want to do" and "have to do", we need to consider "coerced to do" and "stolen time." The latter two are the basis of marketing science. Advertising and religion are deceptive in how they steal our sense of self, our sense of our value and our attention/time.

We live in a societal system that gives a tax break to these coercive manipulation and deception techniques. Monetization of everything also allows the disinformation of low prices on products and services that we pay for in other ways (ie low prices at WalMart subsidized by tax breaks for job incentives and welfare/social security, airplane tickets subsidized by government subsidies, etc).

It's one thing for people to be able to choose their directions with agency and intentionality, but we have to be careful about all of the systems manipulating our perceptions of our own intentions. Re: "Coercion: Why we do what They say." by Douglass Rushkoff

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