H G Wells, Jules Verne. Have you read “The Proud Tower” by Barbara Tuchman?

The European Imperial countries got together to talk about peace. They voted against it because it wouldn’t be profitable enough. They outlawed hollow point bullets on each other but approved them for use on ‘savages’. That was the extent of their ‘morals’.

The world wars only brought to light the destructive capabilities of technology, not the destructive power of consumerism (Colonialism Light) that it spawned.

This century (the 21st) will be more destructive of humanity and the planet than we can imagine and still be considered ‘sane’. Why? Because the internet makes everything a salable commodity: including your humanity, your beliefs, your morals and your cooperation. Consumerism has groomed us for blind competitive fanaticism. Globalism has made it possible for every fanatical consumer to hate and fear and compete with every other fanatical consumer over every last morsel of food, every breath of fresh air, every drop of potable water. The internet turns them into zombies.

Bleak? Look around. See if it isn’t so.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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