Ha Ha! I can’t believe how suicidal some people can be.

A full grown sow is between 300 and 800 lbs of pure muscle and teeth. They like to eat snakes. One tried to take my leg off when I was a teenager because its piglets had just been weaned and I wasn’t warned about it. I was temporarily doing a chore for my brother. Our pigs had a lot of free range land (see snakes comment). If you’re going to milk a pig, it’s best to shoot first, milk later. That’s not a good economic model for a pig dairy farm. Also, pigs are very intelligent animals. Would you cage up chimpanzees and milk those?

“after collapsing”

Yeah, you can keep telling yourself that, but I bet there aren’t any Russian pig farmers that would turn their back on one. Maybe she thought it was time to try milking them…..

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