Have you read about pre-Columbian humans adapting to the demands of corn (maize) in the Americas? Modern civilization is like that, but for money instead. Trumpism is an emergent phenomenon that comes from the fanatical competicisms of our version of capitalism and aristocracy. The rich (whether coastal elites or midwest rednecks) set people apart in any way possible as long as it makes money. They will buy and sell advertising on whatever racist or ‘reality’ channel that gets viewers to buy products (knives..lol). Liberal thinking is generally well-intentioned but based on using laws (which end up being written and passed by money) to direct behaviors. Conservative thinking has some of its own well-intentioned biases (less interference) that also play into the hands of those with money (less taxes, less regulation).

It’s all in the marketing, and it’s ALL marketing now. God is the marketing department for the church building fund. People are just consumers. There isn’t a button to ask, “What are people for?” because that implies they are useful to something in the future except money.


Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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