"He is an economist so is qualified to comment on issues related to economics and related issues."

Actually, economists and those who use their justifications for empires are at the root cause of most of the catastrophes we face, so I would take that statement with a grain of salt. As Wendell Berry once said about the farm crisis of the '80's, "Ag economists say that farmers are failing because we have too many farmers. No ag economist is going to tell us that there are too many ag economists."

There are plenty of economic experts telling us how bad things are, how good things are and why they are experts...but how many are growing food or building shelter or practicing the medicine we need (nobody needs insurance except insurance companies)? The economics of economists is always a questionable venture.

That said, I often point out to Umair when he doesn't go far enough.

Humanity isn't failing because of its economic unfairness to people: it's failing because its economics is backward to nature. Economists have been feeding the lie that we can take without paying, as long as we do it efficiently. As the old response to losses at GM went, "We'll make it up in volume."

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