hmm. Not bad. The sooner we realize how misguided anthropocentrism is, the better chance we will have of surviving it in the next century. Thank you for a thoughtful and useful article.

Consciousness is a bug, not a feature. Humans have made lemonade with it by building city walls to isolate ourselves from the consequences of living inside our brains instead of in the world.

Human: A primate that builds a model of the universe within its brain, and upon physical maturity, moves a model of itself inside that one and avoids reality at all costs.

Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

The ‘feature’ of consciousness is to be able to question habits and paradigms in order to avoid the risks that are created by consciousness. It works best in groups, because the Executive Function part of our brain is tiny when compared to the natural stimulus-response-habit parts. It takes a village to overcome our own desires and fears.

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