Hopefully, the pause in easy new particle ideas will be a good chance for new minds to take a step back, look at the sensible, macroscopic picture of nature, and reapply intelligence with both new and old tools. It may just be that nature doesn’t look natural because we are looking at it wrong, not because we didn’t do the math, or our machines are too old.

The results of Chaotic things are unpredictable, but they work for life. Given enough resources, memory storage, attempts, setbacks and stimulation over enough time, life seems natural and nearly inevitable.

Perhaps particle physicists have exhausted the realities of understanding the particles and it’s time to examine more of the features of the holes that don’t have particles. Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. Perhaps particles just keep space from not being all space. Then we have to ask, “Why would space do that?” instead of “Why do particles do this?”

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