How can anyone not like the first article? I don’t believe you have detractors ;)

Here’s the one thing I think I thought of myself, but probably not:

Everything depends on a ratio of its usefulness to its own future vs. the resources it consumes. Evolution, electrons (I believe an electron is a changing manifestation of a process), neurological functions, consciousness, immunology, cats and economics all may follow this ratio if they persist, and things that don’t persist probably didn’t. Some things may persist if they don’t follow it, but it may cause other things to support them (parasites, symbiosis, etc.).

It’s a handy way to find the purpose of things for my own satisfaction. It’s also a good way to find the missing parts of conjectures. Philosophy: why do we spend money on philosophy departments when we have trolleys running around without brakes and why does the trolley have a lever that can switch the tracks instead? What missing part of the political/economic/social system allows this to happen?


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