How DO you find the time? ;)

To quote a 30 year old bumper sticker, “ Any true environmentalist would commit suicide.”

THAT’s cynicism.

Monbiot said, “Crying 'overpopulation!’ is just another way of shifting blame from the rich to the poor.”

I submit that the rich are mindless money predators preying on brainwashed consumer predators. We are the change we see in the world. We cannot accept that humans are more like trained cows than the fantastic intentional gods we believed ourselves to be(largely thanks to how well that belief filled church coffers). Our actions are manipulated and coerced by the rewards and fears of mercantilism. We have lost the skills to live in the real physical world without buying another life in the video game of civilization. Going back to cooperative and naturally useful behaviors will not happen intentionally in this decade or any other.

We used to fret over nuclear winter taking us back to the Stone Age. The Invisible Hand Job will drag us there with our own money.

Assuming that no global Sustainability Renaissance is coming in the next year and a half (you do know that 'decade' window is bullshit, right?), then what is your Do Be Do course of action in consideration of the grandchildren?

We are looking at unfettered rapacity vs expanding war zones, mass refugee herds with nowhere to go, but wandering everywhere. The mighty US is already overwhelmed and there are twice as many people in its prisons than on farms.

I’ve been looking at the innards of this System of ‘civilized’ systems for over 30 years, and there just isn’t any interest in stopping the consumerism train. The engines are already over the exploding bridge. Charley stole the throttle handle when WWII ended in Consumerism.

In the late 19th century, the “modern” leaders of Europe voted for the profits of wars instead of disarmament and peaceful cooperation. They had the knowledge and wherewithal to stop the cycles of war looting and hatred. They didn’t.

The belief that human leaders will give up war profits, the power of imagined religious fears, and coerced consumer profits for the sake of the children they are raping is simply delusional thinking.

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