“However, if crew morale is better served by my roaming the halls weeping, I will gladly defer to your medical expertise.”-Mr. Spock, StarTrek, 2009.

Another movie quote might also be more appropriate here:

“WE’RE IN SOME REAL PRETTY SHIT NOW, MAN!” -Private Hudson, Aliens.

When you are up to your ass in dying people and the alligators killing them, you don’t bitch about how you got there. You move your ass and do (or stay home, as the case may be) until you are out of the alligators.

Yes, people are dying. Yes, a lot of people care about them. Making a big deal about it is just selling your brand of attention at this point.

Socialist Drama is not the opposite of capitalist exploitation: sales tax is. Right now, you aren’t going to make any sense of the monetized decision making of capitalists (and the numbed and dumbed news product sales pitches) in the middle of a holocaust. The money (that was mostly perceptions of growth and debts) is just burning. When it’s all over, we’ll count the bodies and start over with triage of the economy and see what people need to do in order to organize and work toward a better place for themselves (hopefully not going back to working only for debt slavers). Meanwhile, the fields need to be worked and planted by the class that is Too Poor To Strike in order to support the Too Big To Fail consumptionism of humanity.

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