Human beings evolved to be useful to their own future survival/success. That’s when we feel ”secure” or satisfied(not to be confused with “happy”). Without enough resources to be useful even to ourselves, we become prey, and all of the problems of having prey mentality in a predator society. Wendell Berry put it succinctly, “In a competitive society, you get fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers.” The winners (authoritarian plutocracy) use the misdirected meme of interspecies symbiosis (kill or be killed) to justify overriding the intraspecies cooperation that enabled our survival in the first place. Civilization (city) walls and power eliminate the natural risks and feedback that would otherwise keep senseless authority behaviors in check. The rich make money and wars by keeping the poor ignorant and powerless, while the poor work for them and buy their stuff: including “free” Bibles that teach obedience to the weak and expensive colleges teaching boldness to those who have enough money for college.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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