Human intentionality: I think that you have done some great work here in whittling so much down to a very readable article. You touched on the concept of false consciousness, but I think you still give far too much credit to human intentionality. The chicken is a means for an egg to produce another egg. The Koch brothers and Wall Street are the means for consumptionism to consume more resources. As the Know Nothing example illustrates, a human establishment begins with a definition (usually unintended) of what qualifies as “human”. Progressives, if truly so, would be starting with the here and now questions, “What is a human, actually?” and “What are people useful for, as a species?” If we don’t first kill all of our imaginary beings (corporations, unquestioned beliefs, Invisible Hands), we will become increasingly irrelevant to our planet and ourselves, always exploited by our own eggs. Progressiveness needs to give equal rights to future generations and their resources, reversing the flow of intelligent labors toward increasing the world’s natural useful value, not consuming it. This interregnum is going to be longer and harsher than humanity may tolerate.

PS. When you want to burn down the system, vote for the arsonist. Give consumerism loose reins and point it at the canyon. Any candidate will do. Just pick out your accessories.

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